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5 short treks for weekends

If you are a busy person and are looking for a short escape from your work then here are 5 short treks in Himachal for the weekend which you can plan on your own without any guide.

himani chamunda trek

Himani-Chamunda trek is the less travelled of route trek which of many few people know about, but its one of the most beautifull treks you can go on in lower Himachal.

HOW TO REACH: The nearest bus stop is Kangra from where you can take a cab till JIA. About one kilometre walk along the road that crosses the BAnner Khad Bridge and you will reach Badsar which is the starting point.

  • TREK DISTANCE:12 KM           
  • LEVEL: Easy to Moderate     
  •  DURATION: 2 days max                
  • BEST TIME: Feb to Nov
himani chamund trek

churdhar trek

Chudhar trek is the most beautiful trek in lower Himachal and is located near Solan. The 14 km trek will take you through many types of trains which will give you a splendid experience.

HOW TO REACH: Either you can drive or you can take a bus from solan to Nauradhar(67km from solan).

  • STARTING POINT: Nauradhar        
  • TREK DISTANCE:14 km                        
  • LEVEL: Easy to Moderate                    
  • DURATION:2 days.                       
  • BEST TIME: March to Oct


Triund is one of the best short treks for the weekend situated near McLeodganj.its an easy trek and it could even be done in one day if you start early in the morning but it’s better to do a camp at the top as the view is majestic.


STARTING POINT: Dharamkot(3 km from McLeodganj).You can either hike to Dharamkot or can take a cab.            

  • TREK DISTANCE7 km                              
  • LEVEL: Easy                                                  
  • DURATION: 2 days max                  
  • BEST TIME: March TO Oct
triund campsite himachal
kareri lake trek
kareri lake view himachal

kareri lake trek

Kareri Lake is one of the seven lakes of the Dhauladhar ranges. The trek starts from kareri village near Mcleodganj. There is a temple at the top and the view is magnificent.

HOW TO REACH: You can take a cab from either mcleodjang or Dharamshala or you can take a bus from Dharamshala to Ghera(small town before kareri) and from there, you can either trek to kareri or take local cabs to Kareri village.

  • STARTING POINT: Kareri village         
  • TREK DISTANCE:13 km                        
  • LEVEL: Easy to Moderate                    
  • DURATION:2 to 3 days.                   
  • BEST TIME: April end to Oct

kuppar bhugyal trek

Its a one day trek near Shimla which is perfect for beginners.on the top there is a huge grassland used by the shepherds. The view from the top is breathtaking and refreshing. The trek to Kuppar Bhugyal can be started from Khadapathar from where you have to hike till Giri Ganga Temple on a dirt road through the forest or you can drive till the temple is you have your vehicle and start the trek from there.

HOW TO REACH: You can take a bus from Shimla to Khadapathar(78km) or can drive up to it.                      STARTING POINT: Khadaathar or Giri ganja temple                                     

  • TREK DISTANCE: 9 km from Khdapathar and 3 km from Giri Ganga Temple.      
  • LEVEL: Very Easy                                        
  • DURATION: 2 days max                   
  • BEST TIME: Wole year
kuppar bhugyal trek
kuppar bhugyal trek

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