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While searching for a decent trek I came across this trek in Himachal name Chandernahan Lake trek and reading a few blogs by other people I got quite interested in it and decided to do it. I told my friend Arun about this trek and he got ready to do it with me. So after a few days of planning, we are ready to hit the road.

Travel day-Reaching the starting point - Janglik village

We started our journey from Chandigarh on the bike(Royal Enfield classic ). The starting point of the Chandernahan lake trek is a small village called Janglik which is 267 km from Chandigarh. The route goes through Shimla-theog-Rohru-Dundi-Tangru til Janglik, and you are gonna enjoy every second of the drive. After a few km of Rohru the road is a complete mess and if you have a vehicle with tube tyres don’t even try to go further and instead take a bus from Rohru. As we reached Dundi village, it started raining and we decided to take a bus from there till Tangru as the road has become unsafe for drive due to rain. We reached Tangru at 8 p.m and from there we have to trek to for 3 Km till Janglik in the pitch dark.

 At first, we thought we should camp in Tangru but we came across this guy name Mr Hansraj in the bus who was from janglik and he asked us to go with him as Tangru is not a safe place to camp. So we followed his lead and start trekking towards janglik.On the way, I took guidance from him about the Chandernahan lake trek which could help us. Reached Janglik by 9.30 p.m where he gave us a place in his Farm to camp. Finally, after a long bike ride, small mishaps, a puncher, bumpy bus ride and trek in pitch darkness we finally camped at the place we planned to and the day came to an end. lol .we were so tired we fell asleep as soon we entered our sleeping bags

janglik village
Janglik Village view

Trek day 1- Janglik to Lithum through Dayara

Next day we woke up early as we have to cover a long distance today. I came out of the tent and the first look of the village just mesmerized me. Janglik is a beautiful village with wooden houses, beautifully constructed stone roofs surrounded with lush meadows at one side and on the other side are snow-clad mountains, it feels like you have come across a village of kids story tales.

So after enjoying the view for a while we packed our bags filled our bottles from the stream and we started the trek towards Lithium which is today’s destination. To reach Lithum we had to trek for around 7 km and the path goes through Dayara which is the centre point. There are many routes that go from Janglik to dayara, so it’s better to take advice from the villagers and then start the trek with the easiest among them.

The path to Dayara goes through the lush green meadows with beautifull trees, some of them which I have never seen on any other trek. The path takes you variety of flora and fauna with small waterfall after every few minutes. The whole scenery amazes you every second and never let your mind feel the fatigue of the trek. After walking for about an hour we came across this patch of land with huge boulders with no path visible (and for a moment you think how did it come here! lol). So, we somehow crossed it using our senses and after a few minutes again the forest starts. Walking further the trek leads us to this open grass-covered mountain and the path goes all the way from its sides crossing a small shop which is the last shop on the trail. We stopped at that shop but unfortunately, it was not open yet, so we ate what we had with us took some rest and again started climbing. 

From this point, Dayara is just 1-hour climb and the path goes through patches of forest and grasslands with ups and downs.After30 mins we crossed this water huge stream coming from above the mountains, followed by a steep climb of 100 meters which leads you to this point where you realize why this trek is one of a kind. From this point, you can see the whole Pabbar valley, the view is beyond expectation and takes all your fatigue for a while.on your lest are huge mountains covered with grass, on your right a wall of the snow mountain and in front, you can see lithum at a distance and if you have a good sight you may see the waterfall of Dhunda(base camp of Buran Ghati pass).

Dayara is a big grassland on the side of a mountain. the scenery of the place is out of the world, demography is quite unique which makes it one of the best place for camping. In dayara, you will find many camping sites of the trekking companies, as well as you will see some shepherds huts who came here for grazing their animals. We took a break there for about 30 mins enjoyed the view clicked some photographs and then started climbing towards the lithum.

For information purpose:- Generally, on Chandernahan lake trek, the tour guys make your camp at dayara but if you ask my advice there’s no sense. If you have decent fitness and prior trekking experience, then Janglik to lithum can be done in one day if you start your trek a  bit early. It will save you day for further exploration or if you are short on time.

By 11.30 we started trekking towards Lithum. The weather was fluctuating with some times a drizzle and them sunshine which is giving a wonderful touch to the journey. After crossing Dayara you will cross a small patch of the forest after which there are no trees at all. You will only see huge mountains either covered with grass or snow nothing else. At some points, it feels like you are walking into a painting.

After 3 hours we finally, reached Lithum. It is a centre point of three valleys and it’s at the base where they meet. Of all my trek this is the most beautifull camping site with so may view at a single spot. Lithum has two water streams, one coming from the glacier above chandranahan and one coming from the Buran ghatti side which merges together and goes towards janglik where we came from. And along the banks of these streams are the grasslands where we decided to camp for today. The trek to Buran Ghati pass also goes from here but it requires further 3 days. And to make it more interesting we were the only guys camping at lithum today, Gives us a feeling as we came on a lonely planet. We pitched our tent placed our stuff into it and then explored the lithum. The streams of cold ice water are so loud that some times it gets difficult to listen to what other is saying. We sat at the point where the streams are meeting and had a few moments of peace, enjoying the beautiful view of the valley it surrounds. After a while, it started to get darker so we came back to our tents prepared our meal and then went to sleep after an hour.

way to dayara
View of Dayara
way to lithum
Way towards Lithum
lithum camp site night view
Camp at Lithum

Trek day 2- Lithum to Chandernahan lakes and back to Dayara

Next morning we woke up by 6 to have a look at the beautifull sunrise from the snow mountains. today, we are to cover the Chandernahan Lakes which is 3 Km from Lithum and come back to the camp. We took all the valuable items as well as some food items with us in a single bag and started the trek by 9 a.m.So, the way to chandranahan goes into the left side valley from Lithum. After an initial 200 meter steep climb it will be a gradient climb for further 1.5 km. The way goes from big boulder the same which we found in between janglik and dayara. Just 1 km from the lake we started to see snow patches and it increases as we move further. The last 1 km trek is a steep climb at an angle of 65 to 70 degrees and it starts after crossing a water stream coming from the above glacier. The water is moving below the ice and some places you can even see it as its moving below your feet under the ice making ice bridges. On the left side of the mountain, we were climbing was a huge waterfall of chandernahan which is almost 100 feet high.

After 2 hours of trek, we finally reached the top of the ridge from where the lake is only 300 meters away. From this point, the whole Lithum is visible and one can also see the ice-covered peaks of the opposite mountains clearly, the whole view was majestic. After taking rest for a while we started walking toward the lake. From this point, the whole way is covered in snow and its difficult to track the way, but we saw the footsteps of the previous trekkers and made our way through the snow. The trek from here is very simple and straight with very less gradient.

way to chandernahan lake
Way to Chandernahan lake
waterfall at chandernahan
Chandernahan waterfall
view of lithum from chandernahan
View of Lithum from Chandernahan

We walked in the middle of the valley which is totally covered in the snow alongside this water stream and reached the lake in 15 mins. But its all frozen and is covered in snow and first, we dought that it’s not the lake but later we figured out that its the one. We didn’t expect that the lakes are snow covered in June but thanks to the changing weather patterns it is. The feeling of reaching the lake was incredible, we sat there had pictures enjoyed our successful summit.

Now many people don’t know that there are 7 Lakes in chandranahan one after another at a distance of 5 to 10 min each. So we decided to cover as many as we can so we moved further and we reached the second lake in 10 mins its bigger than the first one but also mostly covered in snow. Then, we moved to the third lake the now is getting thicker as we move further and the glacier above is getting more closer as we reached the third lake it got difficult to walk but we managed to reach the third lake. The third lake is placed just beneath a straight mountain covered in snow where there is a risk of avalanche So, we didn’t spend much time here and decided that it’s not safe to go any further as the snow is getting thicker. We also saw many crevasses along the way till the third lake and they are getting bigger and bigger.

 So we started to go back towards the first lake and decided to go off route and see the waterfall in the way. to reach the waterfall we had to take a difficult way going through huge boulders. Its a bit risky but we decided to take it as it saw worth taking. so we went through this way and reached the base of the waterfall in 45 mins. One can only get the true idea of the height and force of the water which is coming down from the fall standing under it. After enjoying the waterfall we head back to the camp. the way from the waterfall to Lithum is quite easy as compared to the side we came up(risk do come with some benefits, lol) and reached camp by 1.30 pm.

lake 1
Chandernahan Lake 1
lake 2
Chandernahan Lake 2
lake 3
Chandernahan Lake 3

After taking rest for a few minutes, we ate our meal and then planned for going back to Dayara. As we have almost 6 hours of daylight with us we thought there no point of sitting here for another day, So we decided to start our back journey and planned to cap at Dayara today as we have not stopped there while coming up. We reached Dayara by 5 as we came slowly enjoying our way back with many stops and looked for a good camping site. There are many shepherd animals like mountains goats, horses, cows which you will see grazing all around Dayara. We also saw many groups camping at dayara today. After placing our tent we sat outside on our mat and enjoyed the sunset looking over the horizons of these huge mountain walls in front of dayara, its one of a kind spot for camping. After a while, we got into our tent as we were very tired and slept early as we have to start our journey way back home the next day.

Trek day 3-Dayara to Tangru

We woke up at 5 a.m in the morning as we have to catch the bus at 10 A.m from Tangru. There are two busses that start from Tangru in the day first at 7.30 a.m and second at 10.00 a.m. So, we packed our stuff ate some cookies and started moving down as we can’t miss that bus or else we have to hire a cab from Tangru. We came down quite fast (either it was easy or we just don’t want to miss the bus. either way it worked).so we reached janglik in about 2 hours took rest there for a while and started to move towards Tangru.

We reached the local bus stop half an hour early and there was Maggi shop we sat there ordered masala Maggi had tea and we took the bus at 10.00 a.m back to dundi and from there all the way back to Chandigarh by

The whole Chandernahan lake trek including the travel has quite an experience and it taught us so many things about the wild and how to survive on your own and that’s the best part of doing treks on your own rather than hiring a guide or taking a package from any XYZ company. So I recommend you guys to plan treks on your own to have a greater experience.


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